Application of customized plastic bags in industry and agriculture

First, customized plastic bags can be used for the packaging of industrial and agricultural products. Due to the problem of product resources and price, tens of billions of plastic bags are used for the packaging of industrial products in China every year. With the R & D and application of flexible plastic bags, many custom-made plastic bags are used for marine or land transportation packaging of industrial and agricultural products, and custom-made plastic bags are used in the packaging of these products. For example, the packaging of animal feed, the covering materials of farms, and the use of materials such as sunshades, windproof and hail proof sheds of crops are inseparable from customized plastic bags.

Secondly, customized plastic bags are needed in the field of food packaging, such as composite packaging bags, vacuum bags, etc. For example, many rice flour mills, flour mills and other food packaging manufacturers will use custom-made plastic bags. Common products in the market, such as rice woven bags, flour woven bags and corn woven bags, are custom-made plastic bag products.

Third, in the tourism and transportation industry, plastic bag products are often customized. For example, custom-made plastic bags will be used for temporary tents, umbrellas and travel bags in the tourism market, and all kinds of covering materials for transportation and storage will use custom-made plastic bags to replace the old cotton tarpaulins and other materials.

Since the reform and opening up of our country, relevant national industrial departments have broadened the application field of plastic bags. These customized plastic bags are used in the construction of small water conservancy, electric power, highway, railway, seaport, mine construction and military engineering. Many customized plastic bags play an important role in national key construction projects. In addition, custom-made plastic bags can be used at flood fighting and disaster relief sites in many parts of China. These plastic bags can be used in embankment, river bank, railway, highway and other construction applications.

Post time: Aug-30-2021
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