Application status and scope of plastic vest bags

T-shirt bags are the most common type of plastic bags on the market, and are also called vest bags. Its shape is like a waistcoat and a vest, so it has such a name. The production of plastic t-shirt bags is relatively simple, but their uses are very wide. Therefore, they are widely used in the market and are a daily necessities necessary for people’s lives. In addition, the price of this kind of plastic bag is cheap, so many people will not reuse it, causing a certain pollution problem of the plastic bag.

1. Application status

Eight years ago, plastic vest bags could be seen almost everywhere, both thin and thick ones. However, because the application of this kind of t-shirt bag is too extensive and even abused, in order to limit the increase of related plastic pollution, a plastic restriction order was issued. The plastic restriction order began in 2008, banning the production of plastic t-shirt bags with less than 2.5 filaments, that is to say, the thickness of t-shirt bags cannot be less than 0.025mm. Slowly, the use of such plastic bags by vendors in the market gradually decreased, and some very thin and very small vest bags were no longer visible.

2. Scope of application

At present, the main places where vest bags are used are supermarkets and community convenience stores. Supermarkets have to pay for the use of bags, so many people choose to bring their own environmentally friendly shopping bags, which reduces the use of plastic bags. The vest bags in supermarkets and community convenience stores come in three models: large, medium and small. They are environmentally friendly shopping bags with the logos of supermarkets and convenience stores. The second is the convenience bag of retail vendors. Some of these straps are transparent, and some are colored. Generally speaking, they have no logo and are not environmentally friendly. Therefore, this kind of bag is not recommended.

Post time: Nov-25-2021
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