Cotton Canvas Bag

Cotton canvas bag is an environmentally friendly cloth bag, which is compact, convenient and durable. It does not pollute the environment. The greatest advantage is that it can be reused and reduces the pollution.

Cotton canvas bag is a very popular environmental protection bag in the world. Cotton cloth is derived from natural cotton. Most environmental protection cotton bags are rarely dyed.

It is very environmentally friendly in terms of raw materials. The cotton canvas bag is degradable and does not pollute the environment. The firmness of cotton canvas bag is much higher than that of non-woven fabrics, and its fine lines have a good printing and imaging effect, which is also stronger than non-woven fabrics.

In addition,the fabric of cotton canvas bag is soft,it is convenient to fold and carry.It is easy to clean. The cotton canvas bags is most suitable as a shopping bag.

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Post time: Sep-25-2020
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