Explore the process of printing plastic bags from manufacturers

The application of plastic bags is very extensive in people’s lives. People use plastic shopping bags for shopping in supermarkets and grocery shopping. Manufacturers need packaging bags. Plastic bags can be seen everywhere. When using plastic bags, we will pay attention to such a detail. Almost all plastic bags will be printed with LOGO or some information such as corporate stores, or some public welfare information.

You may be wondering what is the printing of plastic bags? What kind of process is there? Next, we will give you a brief introduction to the process of plastic bag printing. At the same time, we hope that everyone can use plastic bags reasonably to reduce waste in the future.

First of all, we need to know the premise of plastic bag printing, that is, before the plastic bag is printed, the plastic film has been formed. The plastic film here is the predecessor of the plastic bag. After the plastic film of a certain specification is formed, the next step is to make the plastic bag. printed. In fact, plastic bag printing is the same as printing and copying as we know it. Before printing, we need to make a version according to the pattern, and we can only print after the printing is completed. The logo Chinese characters or phone numbers we see on the finished plastic bags are all provided by this version.

When the production version is completed, we will distinguish and print according to the color of one side or both sides. Generally, one color corresponds to one version in plastic bag printing. There are rarely two colors on one version. When printing plastic bags, it is generally Gravure will be used, and the printing plates used generally have two materials, copper plate or offset plate.

When the plate making and color are determined, we will install it on the brush, and then adjust the ink for the required things and then basically automate the printing. In this way, the process of printing the plastic bag is completed.

Post time: May-12-2022
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