First aid kit

First aid kits are small bags containing first aid medicines, sterilized gauze, bandages, etc., which are rescue items used in emergency situations when people have accidents. According to different environments and different objects of use, it can be divided into different categories. For example, according to different objects of use, it can be divided into household first aid kits, outdoor first aid kits, car first aid kits, gift first aid kits, earthquake first aid kits, etc.

Disaster prevention first aid kit, suitable for use in harsh environments during sudden disasters and accidents. The internal functional partitions are reasonable and the items are more convenient to access; the configuration is comprehensive and scientific, and it is exclusively equipped with disaster prevention emergency self-rescue supplies suitable for accidents such as earthquakes and fires. To meet the overall needs from daily health care to self-rescue escape from disasters, from outdoor travel to field work protection, it is generally equipped with water and food.

Red Cube Lifesaving Manual: It mainly teaches you how to escape, and is written according to the conditions of each country and region.

Personnel Information Card: In fact, it is just a normal note paper, with personal information written on it, the “contact person” in an emergency.

Professional DVD teaching materials: teach you how to escape. It is more vivid and can be watched usually.

1. Component classification: cardiopulmonary resuscitation supplies

Component name: artificial respiration membrane 2 packs

2. Component classification: debridement and disinfection supplies

Component name: Cleaner cotton swabs 8 pcs/bag Number of components: 5 bags

3. Component classification: hemostatic dressing

Component name: Band-aid Component quantity: 8 bags

Surgical gauze dressing (gauze piece, sterile grade) 5cm×7cm, 8 layers, 2 pieces/bag Number of components: 10 bags

Self-adhesive wound dressing 10.0 cm×15.0cm Number of components: 2 bags

4. Component classification: hemostasis, bandaging and fixing supplies

Component name: Medical elastic bandage 7.5cm×220cm Number of components: 4 rolls

Elastic net cap 4.5cm Number of components: 2 packs

Cuff 400mm×25mm Number of components: 2

Triangle scarf 96cm×96cm×136cm Number of components: 1 pack

5. Component classification: Fracture fixation products

Component name: Rolled bone splint (plate type) 11cm×91.4cm Number of components: 1

6. Component classification: auxiliary supplies

Component name: Medical breathable tape 1.25cm×910cm Number of components: 2 rolls

First aid blanket 210cm×160cm Number of components: 1 pack

Hemostatic forceps 14cm Number of components: 1

Safety scissors 15cm Number of components: 1

Dressing forceps 14cm Number of components: 1

Electronic clinical thermometer MC-141W Number of components: 1

Electronic blood pressure monitor HEM-6011 Number of components: 1

Safety pin Number of components: 5

Disposable medical rubber examination gloves No. 7, powder-free, smooth. Number of components: 2 pairs

Small square medicine box 100mm×64mm×32mm Number of components: 1

Disposable quick-cooling ice pack CS-IC-Ⅱ 80 Number of components: 1 bag

7. Component classification: other

Component name: First aid kit outsourcing Number of components: 1

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