First aid kit configuration list, first aid kit configuration standard

When it comes to first aid kit configuration standards, everyone must have a certain understanding. Someone asked what should be configured in the on-board first aid kit. In addition, others would like to ask anyone who knows the factory first aid kit drug list configuration standards. What is going on? In fact, there is something in a professional first aid kit. Let’s take a look at the list of first aid kit configurations. I hope it can help everyone.

First aid kit The national standard for copy configuration is in accordance with the Red Cross first aid kit drug configuration (can be traced back to the national standard M))

Red Cross First Aid Box Medicine Configuration List

Name Strike Specification Quantity Unit

1 Pure cotton elastic bandage Taiwan material 10×100cm 1 box medical first aid kit configuration.

First aid kit configuration list

2 Mesh elastic bandage Taiwan material 3# (1m) 1 box

3 Non-stick wound sterile dressing 9×10cm 2 box first aid kit configuration list Cost.

4 Waterproof band-aids 8 pieces 1 bag

5 Compressed absorbent cotton 10g×1 pack 2 packs

6 Triangle scarf 96×96×136cm 1 pack first aid kit configuration list United Nations.

7 Alcohol cotton pads 1×10 pads 10 pads

8 Powerful Wound Disinfectant Swabs 10 pcs × 2 packs 2 boxes of first aid kit configuration list for household use.

9 Medical Scissors Stainless Steel 1 First-aid kit for workshop configuration.

10 Medical plastic gloves 1 pair of plastic

11 Notepad A5 1 book

12 Multifunctional fixed pencil Hb 1 pc

13 Artificial respiration isolation mask Cpr 1 pc

14 Quick-acting Jiuxin Pills 1 box

15 glycerol nitrate oil 1 bottle of earthquake first aid kit list.

16 Fengyou Essence 1 box


Post time: Aug-02-2021
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