In the new semester, how do parents choose suitable schoolbags for their children?

As the school day approaches, the children are finally going to school with their school bags! In the new semester, do you plan to change your child’s schoolbag? But do you know what kind of schoolbag is safe and comfortable? What details should I pay attention to when buying? Today the primary school student schoolbag customization manufacturer will talk about this topic!


   If you choose the wrong package, your child will lose a lot


   Schoolbags are things that children leave the body after school every day. It is not only related to the health of the children, but some unreasonable designs may also bring danger to the children.


   Poor body shape:


   The childs bones are soft and unshaped, and are in the growth and development stage. The overweight schoolbag will pull the child’s shoulders back, and then the child will unconsciously lean forward. Over time, it will cause hunchback, chest tightness, and even scoliosis and shoulder height.

 Affect physical development:


   The original straight scoliosis will affect the growth of height. For girls, scoliosis can easily lead to uneven breast development on both sides and protruding ribs on one side.


  Hidden security risks:


   If the childs schoolbag does not have reflective strips, it may not be recognized by passing vehicles when walking at night, which will inevitably increase the risk of accidents. For example, many schoolbags with trolley suitcases are very heavy once they are loaded, and will turn over at any time when they are dragged, which not only increases the difficulty of going up and down the stairs, but also trips oneself or others easily.


   Elementary school schoolbag customization manufacturers suggest that when purchasing schoolbags, parents should not only look at the “face value”, but also grasp the details to ensure the health and safety of their children.


  How to choose a schoolbag depends mainly on these


   The “Recommended Sexual Health Industry Standards” and “Hygiene Requirements for School Bags for Primary and Secondary School Students” issued by the National Health and Welfare Commission stipulate that school bags should meet five standards. Parents who are going to buy schoolbags, let’s take a look!

 1. The weight shall not exceed 10% of the body weight


   When choosing a schoolbag, the weight of the schoolbag should not exceed 1kg, and the total weight should not exceed 10% of the child’s weight.


   If the schoolbag on the child’s back is too heavy, it may cause the position of the spine to change to adapt to the load, which also increases the compression of the intervertebral disc, which not only causes the child to have back pain, but also causes the child’s posture to change, such as walking with a hump.


   2. Consider using a small school bag:


  Many parents blindly pursue the bigger the better. Can be used for several years. Although it saves money, it may be very harmful to the child’s health. In fact, the height and width of the schoolbag should match the height of the child.


  Primary school schoolbag customization manufacturers recommend that the area of ​​the schoolbag affixed to the child’s back should not exceed 3/4 of the child’s back area, and the schoolbag should not be wider than the child’s body to prevent “the schoolbag is not weighing”.


   When carrying a school bag, the top of the school bag should not be higher than the child’s head, and the bottom should not be lower than 10 cm from the waist.


  In life, if you cant accurately determine the size of your schoolbag, you can also refer to the figure below to make an intuitive judgment.

Post time: Mar-22-2021
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