Introduction of literary canvas bags

If we want to add seasonal constraints to the temperament of literature and art, then it will probably be summer. The reason is simple, because it is more suitable for carrying canvas bags. As the love of many literary and artistic youths, how can they be worthy of the title of a literary and artistic youth without one, two, three or four canvas bags. What’s more, in addition to the beauty of this feature, the canvas bag is also very practical and resistant to dirt, at least it is no problem to buy it at the vegetable market.

The white canvas fabric is not particularly thick, it is very suitable for summer. The load-bearing capacity is much better than that of cotton and linen, and the pattern is also very refreshing in summer. The most special thing is that the size of the bag is quite mini, and the length of the shoulder strap is cute for the hand and the shoulder~

Small fresh navy style soft girl canvas bag

Girls who know how to wear, when summer is coming, they will definitely choose a classic and versatile striped canvas bag for themselves, so they have made a striped cloth bag that is improved on the basis of the previous one, and the upper body effect is still very good. , There is a zippered inner pocket.

This bag has a sense of “content”. There are three colors of retro green, wine red, and white. It has a long strap and is suitable for a single body. Weakly complain about the pattern on the bag: the word “available” is very interesting. If a question mark is added, it is equivalent to “agreement?”; if an exclamation mark is added, it is equivalent to “agreement”. One last question: sister paper, are you free? ๑乛◡乛๑

Black is the most versatile color, well-designed pattern printing, simple and versatile single product suitable for all seasons. The strap is multifunctional with one-shoulder diagonal straddle, which can meet various requirements, is light and has a large space, and is necessary for spring outings.

Post time: May-24-2021
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