Maintenance of different bags

Maintenance of bags plays an important role in prolonging the life of bags. Different bags have different materials and maintenance methods.

The suede bag with short hair touch, matched with leather.It is also a common style in high-quality bags. Because suede is a short-haired material taken from animals.Moisture can cause mildew easily.

Nylon material is light and tough with water splash prevention function and high durability for long-term use. If it is an ordinary thread, please pay attention to the weight of the bag. If there are metal rivets and leather materials to decorate the surface of the bag, be careful when cleaning.

Avoid leaving dirt and grease on your hands in the bag, and try not to get wet when it rains. But if it is not careful to get dirty or soak in water. Be sure to dry it with toilet paper or towel as soon as possible. Don’t ignore or rush to wipe the stain, otherwise it may fade the bag.

To clean nylon bags and cloth bags, press the surface of the bag with a damp damp cloth gently. In addition to silk and satin, you can apply toothpaste on the toothbrush for partial cleaning.

Post time: Sep-21-2020
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