Maintenance of leisure bags

In our daily life, we take care of our favorite bags. But there will be accidents occasionally.There are the problems and solutions we may encounter.

What should we do if it sticks to the gum?

When our beloved bags are glued with chewing gum, we may be very broken at this time. But don’t be sad, just put the bag in the refrigerator to make the chewing gum hard.Then, it is easy to remove.

How to remove the handwriting on the leather bag?

But the bad thing is that if the leather gets too wet and the surface of the leather washed with detergent will become rougher than before, or even become uneven.

How to remove the smell of sweat on the bag?

Leather and or glue bags are not easy to sweat.How to remove these smells.To remove the sweat from the bag, we can wash the bag on a sunny day and dry it.

In addition, there are the tips for maintenance bags.

Pay attention to sun protection, because long-term exposure to the sun or in the sun environment. Then the bag is easy to discolor and deteriorate.

No need to clean frequently.

Pack items according to the material of the bag.

Post time: Jul-31-2020
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