Outdoor School Bag

There are many types of outdoor School Bagsuch as mountaineering bags, hiking bags, cycling bags, etc.

Bags are important equipment for carrying various travel items and are essential for travel. We can list hiking backpacks, clothing, food, shoes and sleeping bags as the five major requirements for outdoor travel. In addition to climbing backpacks, The mountaineering bag is also widely used in other adventure sports and long-distance travel, such as rafting, crossing the desert, etc.

Mountaineering bag

The mountaineering bag is generally larger and can hold many things.It is easy easy to travel long distances, so it is popular. The structure of the mountaineering bag can be divided into three parts, the carrying system, the loading system and the external system. The carrying system can reduce the fatigue intensity of riders, and make them ride long distances. It can effectively alleviate the stress caused by long-term carrying a cycling bag. It is required that the backpacking system of the cycling bag is equipped with a ventilation and perspiration system, so that riders can always keep their backs dry when riding long distances. It is recommended to use a 3D mesh structure. There are some differences between the loading system of the riding bag and the mountaineering bag. The riding bag generally consists of a main compartment, a side compartment and some accessory bags. But the main difference from mountaineering bags is that the riding bag is generally designed to be relatively small, it is about 30L.It requires the design of various structural aspects of the riding bag to be more reasonable, and reasonable use of the space of the riding bag, so that the equipment can be easily used by riders.

The main choice of climbing bag is nylon. Riding bags are similar to mountaineering bags. Generally, nylon fabrics are used. It is unavoidable to encounter rainy days outdoors. A waterproof bag with PU waterproof coating is better.

Cycling bag

The cycling bag is generally used for short-distance cycling. In order to prevent the backpack from getting into the seat during the boarding process, the shoulder bag of the general cycling bag is designed to be shorter, it can hold some light things, and it is very heavy to carry too many things .It is suitable for short-distance cycling.

Trekking pack

The trekking pack has different configurations according to low ground, hiking, often, etc. The capacity will increase with the date of the hike. The hiking bag has a lot of pockets, which is convenient for travelers to take water and food at any time. It will be equipped with things such as trekking poles and moisture-proof pads.

Post time: Mar-28-2020
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