Plastic packing box

According to the different uses of the material are also different, the general plastic box is marked with a professional mark to distinguish.

Ten months of using PET plastic boxes will produce carcinogens. It has a high probability of being discarded after being used.They are usually used as mineral water bottles and milk bottles. It is not suitable for the installation of supercooled and superheated water, which can precipitate the carcinogen DEHP easily.

HDPE is not easy to clean. It is easy to breed bacteria.It is not recommended to reuse it.

PVC is easy to precipitate harmful substances when exposed to high temperature and grease.It is often used in raincoats, plastic toys, building materials, etc.

LDPE is easy to produce harmful substances at high temperature. Plastic bags and plastic wraps used commonly in daily life are made of the material.

PP is the only material that can be used for microwave heating.It is a very healthy material. It can be reused after careful cleaning.

PS is heat-resistant and cold-resistant. it is the material for making bowl-shaped instant noodle boxes and foamed fast food boxes.

AB cannot be used for food packaging.

Post time: Jul-01-2020
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