Please wear a beautiful canvas bag when you travel in summer

Summer has come quietly. Have the handsome guys and beauties who are going to travel or play have a problem: they need to bring power banks, mobile phones, cameras, makeup and cosmetics that girls need to carry with them, etc. What kind of bag should they carry? What?

In fact, not only do you need large-capacity bags for going out to play, but also office workers and student parties~

Imagine this kind of hot weather. If you carry a backpack, you will feel like a sauna on your back; if you carry a small bag, you can’t fit so many things; if you carry a leather bag, it will make your bag bloated.

At this time, I just want to have a Doraemon or its treasure pocket.

So, isn’t there a simple, fresh, beautiful and inexpensive bag?

Xiao Bian’s answer, of course there is! Reject cookie-cutter fashion bags.

The most suitable is canvas bags. They have conquered a large wave of small freshmen in recent years by virtue of the designer’s casual and simple design.

Some people like it, and some people reach the top. If you say how much Beckham loves platinum bags, then canvas bag fans love canvas bags as much. The “canvas bag personality” is about to be mentioned here.

1. Canvas bags are the first choice when going out! How come it is so versatile! Give me a canvas bag and I can hold the entire universe.

Post time: May-24-2021
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