Tell us about our product plastic t-shirt bag

Among the customers we contacted, there are some who don’t know what a vest bag is, but in fact they want to order a vest bag, but he will say custom vest bags or convenience bags. In fact, these are vest bags no matter what they are called. As the name suggests, this kind of plastic bag is shaped like a vest or a waistcoat. It is also the most frequently used in our daily life, so it has many names. Although the vest bag is not too complicated in design and relatively simple in production, this kind of bag is the most widely used in our daily life, and it has now become our daily use process. An indispensable daily necessities in China.

In the lives of ordinary people, vest bags are used in a wide range, ranging from ordinary retail stores, to shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping centers, and to household garbage, etc., which are often used. There are many specifications and sizes of custom-made vest bags. Because of their simple production, the size is not limited. It can be customized as large as one meter or more and as small as ten centimeters to meet different needs.

As early as 2008, there were basically very thin plastic vest bags in the market. In those days, supermarket shopping bags were provided for free, and the vest bags made by supermarkets to reduce expenses were also thin. However, a large amount of plastic waste has an increasingly serious impact on the ecological environment. In order to limit the use of plastic bags, the country has issued relevant regulations afterwards, requiring that plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025mm cannot be produced and sold. At present, the vest bags we see Generally speaking, they are relatively thick and strong and can be reused. On the one hand, it protects the ecological environment and reduces white pollution; on the other hand, it can also improve people’s environmental awareness and promote the spirit of diligence and thrift.

Post time: Nov-23-2021
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