The connection method of the crystal plug of the network cable will be shown at a glance!

To set up a local area network, it is an indispensable process to pull the network cable into the home, and the crystal head of the network cable may be damaged during use. So, do you know how to connect the crystal head of the network cable? The following is an introduction to the connection method of the network cable crystal head. It is easy to learn after reading it~

   Generally speaking, there are two main ways to connect the network cable crystal plug, one is the parallel wire connection, and the other is the cross wire connection. The detailed steps of these two connection methods are explained below.

   Necessary tools: crimping pliers, crystal head, network cable, network cable tester

 One, parallel wire connection

  1. Use twisted pair network cable pliers to cut one end of the Category 5 twisted pair (it is better to cut a piece of network cable that meets the wiring length requirements), and then insert the cut end into the gap of the network cable pliers for stripping. Note that the network cable cannot be bent. Insert it straight until it is against the gear behind the network cable pliers, and slightly hold the crimping pliers and rotate it slowly.

 2. You can see 4 pairs of 8 core wires of the twisted pair by stripping the unwrapped wire, and you can see that the color of each pair is different. First arrange the 4 pairs of core wires side by side, and then separate each pair of core wires, and arrange them in the order from left to right: white orange, orange, white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown, brown ( This arrangement is called 568B ordering). Then use a network cable pliers to cut straight perpendicular to the core line arrangement direction.

3. Hold the crystal head horizontally with your left hand, and then align the 8 core wires that are cut neatly and arranged side by side with the crystal head opening and insert them into the crystal head side by side. Note that all core wires must be inserted into the bottom of the crystal head and cannot be bent. .

 4. After confirming that all core wires are inserted into the bottom of the crystal head, you can directly put the crystal head inserted into the network cable into the crimping gap of the network cable pliers. After the crystal head is placed, you can press down the handle of the network cable pliers. Be sure to work hard so that the pins of the crystal head can be inserted into the core wire of the network cable and make good contact with it.

The cross-wire connection method is that one end is 568A standard, and the other end is 568B standard. When making the crystal head, make the shrapnel of the crystal head face outwards, and the wire inlet downwards, from left to right, follow the above line sequence, and fully insert the wire (the copper core of the twisted pair is seen on the top of the crystal head as the standard ), and then use the crimping tool to clamp it successfully.

   Test whether the connection is good: After the crystal plugs are made at both ends, you can use the network cable tester to test. If the eight indicator lights on the tester flash green in turn, it proves that the network cable is successfully made. If any of the lights is red or yellow, it proves that there is an open circuit or poor contact.

2. Cross-wire connection

  Crossover cable is mainly suitable for the connection between ADSL MODEM and hub HUB, and the two computers are directly connected to each other through network cards. Some friends want to connect two PCs at home to form a small LAN, as well as the connection of ADSL MODEM and HUB, all of which belong to this situation.

   The basic steps of the cross-wire connection method and the straight-through connection method are the same, the difference is that the arrangement of the core wires is regular, and the arrangement of the two heads is different. There are two main sorts: 568A standard and 568B standard (green-orange transposition). which is:

  568A standard: white green, green, white orange, blue, white blue, orange, white brown, brown

  568B Standard: white orange, orange, white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown, brown

Post time: Apr-19-2021
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