The difference between 808 and OPT

1. 808 is a single wavelength, hair removal; the gold standard for hair removal.

2. For lip hair and hairline, 808 is more convenient.

3. 808 has no consumables, and the number of light output is 100 times that of opt. opt needs to change the lamp frequently.

4.808 light is relatively soft, opt light is very strong, and the eyes can’t stand it. The important thing is that many opts need to be recharged all the time. A 808 instrument can be used for several years without recharging. The optional hair removal device will bring the gospel to your customers and bring you gold projects for the New Year!

The 808 hair removal instrument uses a chip packaged laser imported from Germany. The advantage of this chip lies in high temperature resistance, and there is no requirement for water temperature and water quality.

High temperature resistance of 55 degrees, hair removal prosperity can work continuously for a long time, will not burn the gun, no after-sales, no consumables. Can filter large particles of impurities, just add pure water.

2. Product advantages:

Semiconductor laser technology is currently a very ideal laser hair removal system. Its principle is based on the theory of selective photothermal action. It allows lasers of specific wavelengths to penetrate the epidermis (without damaging the epidermis)¬†hair follicles. The melanin in the hair shaft selectively absorbs laser energy, and the hair follicles are coagulated and necrotic when heated, and the hair no longer grows. After repeated clinical applications, it is reliable and has passed the US FDA certification. Semiconductor laser hair removal will not have any discomfort during beauty treatment. While removing excess hair, it can also stimulate the skin’s collagen proliferation and make your skin smooth and delicate.

3. Precautions for the use of the instrument:

1. If your body feels pain or severe redness, please stop immediately. It is normal for the skin to become slightly red or leave traces during the process, and the redness will automatically fade after half an hour.

2. Do not use this instrument on parts where jewelry or earrings are worn.

3. Do not use this device if you have metal objects in your body (gold wire implants or steel nails, heart pacemakers, etc.).

4. Children under the age of seven are forbidden to use this instrument, and children over the age of seven must be advised by a doctor to use this instrument.

5. Do not use this device during the female period

6. Heart offenders should not use equipment for beauty treatment

Post time: May-31-2021
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