The environmental protection bag industry needs responsibility, quality and innovation!

Due to the relatively low threshold for the production of eco-bags, small workshops that can start production with a few flat cars are very common. However, the quality of these eco-bags produced is not well guaranteed due to lack of supervision, including environmental sanitation and shortfalls. For example, if a customer orders a cloth bag with 80 grams of fabric, some manufacturers will secretly choose 70 grams of fabric in order to lower the price, so that the cost of a larger bag will be about a dime different; in order to reduce the cost Hazardous substances are also used as environmental protection bag materials, and you are not a professional, so consumers are often the ones who suffer. If you don’t know where to wholesale eco-friendly bags, please be careful to fall into the consumer trap of bad products. So it is best to visit the company in person.

Global climate change and its adverse effects are issues of common concern to mankind. Faced with climate warming, the whole world is taking active actions. From the first World Climate Conference in 1979, to Copenhagen, and then to the Shanghai World Expo, the development of eco-environmental protection is no longer the pale and weak cry of radicals, nor the false and empty slogans of governments, but more and more. The closer it is to everyone’s life-because it is not only related to the development of the global economy and society, but also closely related to each country, each industry, and everyone.

Post time: Jul-26-2021
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