Three factors leading to the stagnation of the development of non-woven environmental protection bags

In the past few years, non-woven eco-friendly bags benefited from the country’s “plastic ban” and achieved rapid development for several years. However, the good times are not long, and the development of non-woven handbags has encountered a bottleneck in recent years. The effect of the country’s “plastic ban” is also mediocre, and plastic bags are still visible in the market. How many development prospects does the non-woven environmental protection bag have? The following is a specific analysis for everyone from the macroeconomics and the characteristics of the non-woven bag itself:


Non-woven eco-friendly bags have developed rapidly in recent years. Due to the advantages of non-woven bags, non-woven bags can be used for product promotion in almost all industries. There is also a large demand for some shopping bags. However, the sales of non-woven bags have declined since last year, which is caused by many reasons.


1. The domestic “plastic ban” is not fully implemented


Before the state issued the “plastic ban” in 2008, everyone felt that the country’s determination to implement it would be great. At that time, non-woven bags were extremely popular. The common people think that plastic bags will be completely withdrawn from the market, and the most suitable alternative is non-woven bags. But after a few years, it was discovered that the country’s strength was not enough. Plastic bags can be seen everywhere in the market. Some supermarkets and markets still use plastic bags that do not meet the specifications, regardless of national regulations. Another problem is that it is not realistic to not use plastic bags in places like farmers’ markets. After all, the cost of non-woven bags is relatively unbearable compared to them.


2. The environmental protection concept of non-woven bags is challenged


Some people now stand up and say that non-woven bags are not environmentally friendly bags, and pollution will be more serious than plastic bags. Their reason is that the material of non-woven bags is also plastic, which will also pollute the environment, and the amount of plastic used in non-woven bags is much higher than that of plastic bags. I personally think that they are taking out of context. The so-called eco-friendly bags not only determine whether non-woven bags are environmentally friendly or not environmentally friendly, depending on what their materials are and whether they are environmentally friendly. Any environmentally friendly product can only be environmentally friendly in a broad sense, such as plastic bag material itself is not environmentally friendly, and it is a one-time use. The amount of white garbage produced every year is immeasurable. Then, non-woven bags are a kind of reusable bags, and the total quantity will be far less than plastic bags. Of course, if we are using non-woven bags as one-time use, the pollution of non-woven bags does exist. This mainly depends on our usage habits, which must be properly guided by the country.


3. Global economic downturn


With the global economic downturn, the demand for foreign non-woven bags has shrunk. The author interviewed Mr. Wu, a well-known non-woven bag factory in Wenzhou, Fangtian non-woven bag factory. They said that the number of foreign trade orders in the past two years is pitiful. The original foreign customers purchased hundreds of thousands of orders of millions, but this year there are generally only orders of 10,000 to 20,000.


The main reasons for the stagnation of the development of non-woven bags and environmental protection bags are the above points, but we cannot completely underestimate the prospects of non-woven bags. Environmental protection handbags are still the main force in the promotion and packaging of advertising and promotional products in the market. So as long as our company adheres to the concept of good products, the prospect of the entire non-woven environmental protection bag industry is still very impressive!

Post time: Apr-01-2021
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