What are the advantages of shopping bag advertising over traditional ones?

 If you want to understand the advantages of shopping bag advertising over the normal mode, you must first understand that DM is the abbreviated expression of English Direct Mail advertising, which translates as “direct mail advertising” (hereinafter abbreviated as: DM). It is to deliver the promotional materials to the consumers by means of mail delivery, with gifts, etc.


   Shopping bag advertising is mainly based on the product as a carrier, and the business’s advertising content is printed on the non-woven bag of the product. Through the circulation of products in the market, it has become a very effective form of product promotion and advertising. Compared with ordinary DM, we can find that the advantages of shopping bag DM have many aspects.


  First: Change potential customers’ passive reading into active reading. Ordinary DMs are flyers, brochures, etc. Everyone knows that the information is not only advertisements or advertisements. It becomes that few people are willing to read. Shopping bag advertisements are different. In the process of using shopping bags, potential customers will be pleasantly surprised to find the advertisement information, read them carefully, and leave a very deep impression.


  Second: No need to spend money to print brochures and leaflets. In the form of shopping bag DM, as long as the content of the promotion is screen-printed on the packaging bag as the carrier product, it saves the cost of advertising production. Ordinary DM propaganda is distributed through various newspapers and magazines, street distribution, etc., but no matter what the format requires a lot of delivery and labor costs. The shopping bag DM is a spontaneous market circulation method that uses the shopping bag as a carrier to deliver product advertising information to potential consumers without incurring those intermediate costs.


   Third: After extensive market research, it can be found that compared with other forms of advertising, the DM series ads have the highest reading rate. Among them, shopping bag DM has a higher reading rate, because every consumer will use the product after buying it, and as long as the consumer uses it, they will definitely read the packaging bag carrier advertisement. So shopping bag DM is the only advertisement in the world that can reach 100% effective reading rate. And the shopping bag DM is more sticky. When consumers get ordinary DM, if the information in it is not useful for them, they will throw it away. But the shopping bag DM is different. As long as the shopping bag carrier is still there, potential consumers can come back to find product advertising information at any time.

Post time: Jul-19-2021
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