What are the classifications of PVC zipper bag

What are the classifications of PVC zipper bag
PVC zipper bag printing is divided into specific forms, which can be divided into advertising tote bags, gift tote bags, decorative tote bags, knowledge-type tote bags, commemorative tote bags, simple tote bags, trendy-style tote bags, and antique style Tote and more. The following describes the printing types of PVC zipper bags in detail.
I. Advertising Tote
Advertising tote bags are designed through visual communication, focusing on the promotion and development of advertisements. Through graphic creativity, symbol recognition, text description, and color stimulation, they attract consumers’ attention, thereby creating a sense of intimacy and promoting product sales. . Advertising handbags occupy a large part of the handbags and constitute the main body of the handbags.
Such handbags can often be seen at various trade fairs and exhibitions. The handbags are printed with the name of the company, the logo of the company, the names of the main products, and some slogans, which virtually promote the corporate image and product image. The effect of this is equivalent to a mobile advertisement, and the mobile range is very wide, it can meet the requirements of loading, and has a good advertising effect, so it is a popular advertising form for manufacturers and economic and trade activities. The more chic the design of this tote bag, the more exquisite it is made, and the better its advertising effect. Advertising tote bags can be divided into special tote bags, promotional tote bags, brand tote bags, and VI design promotion tote bags according to different target positioning.
1. Shopping tote
Shopping bag advertisements can use the limited area of ​​the bag body to disseminate market information about companies or products and services to the world. When customers carry shopping bags printed with shop advertisements and walk through the streets, in fact, some exquisite handbags are no less than making an excellent advertising signboard, and the cost is relatively low.
Shopping totes are designed for supermarkets, shopping malls and other places. Supermarkets and shopping malls have designed special handbags in order to facilitate consumers’ shopping and transport the purchased goods home to connect the feelings with consumers. These tote bags are mostly made of plastic. Compared with other tote bags, they are more solid in structure and material, can hold more items, and are cheaper to manufacture. The visual factors on the shopping tote are mainly composed of the specific publicity forms of shopping places (standard status, mascots, special graphics, special images, etc.), highlighting the image of supermarkets and malls, and conveying the information of shopping places.
2. Promotional Tote
Promotional tote bags are mainly used in promotional activities to promote goods and businesses. In order to promote their image and promote product sales, companies often hold a series of activities. Use the handbag to print the company’s introduction book, the product’s manual, and perhaps the product (a little gift), and give it to guests or consumers, so that consumers can fully understand the company’s situation and product performance. Promotional tote is a kind of event advertisement board that can hold articles. The visual design on its surface is all about the purpose of highlighting the content of companies and products, so that consumers will quickly and happily accept their rumored information in the event.
3.Brand Tote
In order to improve the quality of products and create higher value, brands are branded by products. Brand handbags are used in this modeling activity. Brand handbags are used more in specialty stores, which are convenient for customers to carry goods and play a promotional role. The materials of this kind of handbags are relatively high-grade and match the quality of the goods.
4. VI design promotion tote bag
VI is the strategy of corporate philosophy and spiritual visual design. VI often uses handbags as a form to promote visual transmission, that is, the overall action of combining modern design concepts and business management theories to shape the personality of the enterprise and highlight the spirit of the enterprise. To make consumers have a deep impression and recognition in order to achieve the design of business goals.
Gift bags
Gift bags are designed to enhance the value of gifts. They are designed to carry gifts conveniently. Gift bags are more exquisite in shape, gorgeous and beautiful in appearance, have a good-looking appearance, and contain gifts for presenters.
A gift tote is a kind of packaging item, which refers to a bag used to store and package gifts. Gift bags are usually made of plastic, paper and cloth. People in today’s society can see the use of gift bags. An exquisite gift tote can better your own gifts. With the ever-changing lifestyle, consumers’ requirements for gift tote bags are getting higher and higher.
Third, decorative handbags
The decorative tote has no specific function and is used to carry personal belongings. It only has a wonderful appearance and is a stylish decoration.
4. Knowledge bag
The knowledgeable tote bag is to print various kinds of knowledgeable patterns and characters, such as world famous paintings and Chinese calligraphy, on the shopping bag. This type of shopping bag not only provides convenience for consumers when carrying items, but also treats people’s sentiment, and makes people have a wonderful psychological feeling.
V. Memorial Tote
Commemorative handbags are most often specially designed to commemorate a cultural and artistic event. This strategy caters to people’s commemorative and honor mentality, so that people have a new feeling after buying. Such handbags are usually printed with the event name, logo, descriptive text, etc. For example: “XX Art Festival Memorial”, “Travel Commemorative Bag”, “XX Photographic Exhibition”, “XX TV Festival”, etc. On the one hand, the bag can contain the collected materials and samples, and on the other hand, it expands the impact of this activity.
Six, simple tote bag
When customers buy miscellaneous things and need simple shopping bags, if the store can provide a way to relieve people’s worries, they will certainly be welcomed by consumers. Convenience is an important know-how for promotion.
Seven, trend-type tote
People generally pursue a high standard of lifestyle, and fashionable products lead the trend of consumption. When there is any “hot” in the society, if the store prints product patterns and promotional information on beautiful shopping bags, it is undoubtedly an important promotion. When consumers see a hot item on sale in a store, they have an “irresistible temptation”.

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